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Free Medicine distribution
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Gau sewa
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Farmers Protest New Delhi
Free Medical Camp
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Serving Humanity and Protecting Animals

About Us

Welcome to Hari Sewa Charitable Trust, a non-protit organization dedicated to serving humanity and making a positive impact on society. We are based in New Delhi, India, and work tirelessly to promote various causes such as saving and serving cows, Free medicine distribution, healthy diet tips, and more. Join us in our mission to create a better world for all.

Our Mission

At Hari Sewa Charitable Trust, our mission is to make a positive impact on society and the environment. Through our various initiatives, we strive to promote humanity, protect animals, and create a healthier and sustainable future for all.

Helping Our Farmers

The Hari Sewa Charitable Trust played a pivotal role in supporting the protesting farmers in New Delhi by providing them with essential services. Amid the farmer protest, the trust extended a helping hand by organizing free health checkups, offering complimentary consultations with doctors, devising personalized diet plans, and distributing necessary medications.

This remarkable initiative not only addressed the immediate healthcare needs of the farmers but also showcased the trust’s unwavering commitment to their well-being during this challenging time. Through their compassionate efforts, the Hari Sewa Charitable Trust demonstrated the significance of solidarity and humanitarian support, leaving a positive impact on the lives of the protesting farmers.

Our Initiatives

Through our dedicated efforts, we are actively involved in various initiatives that aim to bring about positive change. From providing free medicine distribution and health checkups to advocating for animal rights and promoting sustainable practices, we are committed to making a difference in the world.


During the Farmer Protest I was diagnosed with rare skin rash disease with the help of Hari Sewa Charitable Trust’s Free Medical Camp  now my skin rashes are completely gone. Thanks to Hari Sewa Charitable Trust

~Mr. Singh

Free medical camps

Hari Sewa Charitable Trust organizes free medical camps and health checkups.

Free Medicine Distribution

Hari Sewa Charitable Trust provides completely free medications.

gau sewa

Hari Sewa Charitable Trust's main objective with "Gau Sewa" is to serve and protect our cows.

red Mark

Our point of view says there should be a Red Mark over cosmetic products.